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Why Lic ?

Why Lic ?

  • Biggest insurance player in the earth!
  • Most number of policy holders (25 cr more than many countries population)
  • Net worth of company assets 850 cr!!!!(biggest in earth again)
  • Settlements to policy holders 99.66% (others not even near to lic)
  • And success continues....

Why With Us ?

  • Commission bills and follow up status at your door
  • Sales promotional gifts are provided
  • Motivation and training classes are conducted freely
  • Your customers policy status is given through phone
  • Any time services for nominee change, address change, loans, surrender, claims
  • To know about your past, present, future policies
  • For any valuable suggestions [official]
  • Any time anywhere you can call me for anything
  • Join the top team in Pipariya

We always with you


  • Just teach the need of insurance to your family, relative, friends, and colleagues once they educated about the need of insurance automatically policy comes to you because they don’t know the value of insurance.
  • Once you recognized as agent people will come to meet you
  • For bussiness people: you don’t want to go out or spend separate time to get policy just canvass or teach the need of the insurance to your customers
  • For house wife and retired people: get business through your family, friends, relatives and all your contacts
  • For students: just canvass your whole college staffs and students that’s enough. if you do this u will lose your stage fear and you can perform well in interviews
  • For salaried people: just get policy from everyone in your company

To Work Better

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